Learn how to produce animated cartoons and movies uses the same processes as animators at Pixar, Cartoon Network, and Disney do. Create drawings and bring them to life, using production techniques such as timelines and keyframes in Toon Boom Harmony™- the same software used to create SpongeBob and many more popular cartoons.

Work as part of a team and make friends who share your interests as you explore other animation techniques like claymation and “humanimation”. At the end of the week, you take home a stop-motion-animated short film to share with family and friends.

1. Animation(1-week program) What Students Learn

• Animation skills and the fundamentals of storytelling • How to create “Claymation” and “humanization” • Cartoon drawing skills • How to develop a cartoon and create a character • How to use Toon Boom Harmony, professional animation software What Students Create • Digital illustrations and simple drawings • Storyboards and project plans for their animation projects • 2D animated short films using key frames and simple drawings • A stop-motion animated film using clay and props • A final animation reel that shows off their work as well as their final project

2. Film-Making(1-week program) What Students Learn

• The movie making process start to finish • How to use a camera to tell stories via shooting techniques • How to edit with Adobe Premiere • How to work on a team • How to give and receive constructive feedback What Students Create • Two short films • Commercial or PSA with stock footage

3.Develop Your Illustration and Animation Portfolio(2-week program)

• Students will develop storyboards, create characters and build production-ready assets to be used for films, commercials even video games . By the end of the academy, students will have developed several portfolio pieces to jump-start their career in animation and commercial art. • Week 1, Intro to 2D Animation & Digital Illustration: Students start by developing an understanding of the professional animation pipeline. Students then utilize industry-standard tools like Adobe Photoshop and Toon Boom Harmony to create. Students finish the week with a production packet or portfolio of illustrated works and apply those creations to a final animation, replicating the process industry professionals follow in major studios. • Week 2, 2D Animation Production & Character Development: Prospective animators and illustrators will gain first-hand experience being a production artist. Through the use of professional production tools like Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Photoshop; students will go beyond simply creating art as a hobby and learn how to create art as a career. Students will build a repertoire of production-ready assets like characters, backgrounds, and props that can be used as a high-level portfolio piece. Turn your passion for cartoons and illustrations into a career with 2D Animation Production.

4.Build Your Portfolio of 3D Models, Characters, and Animations(2-week program)

• Become a well-rounded 3D artist capable of using modeling software in games, film, and tv with this course. Develop an understanding of the storytelling and character animation process with the industry-standard 3D software, Autodesk Maya. 3D design and modeling open doors into all kinds of modern creative careers. Learn, discover, create and enjoy learning with other passionate creators. • Week 1, Intro to 3D Modeling with Maya: You’ll learn valuable workflows that pros use and create and sculpt 3D models. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of character design and rigging before you create your own original 3D props, set pieces, and characters. • Week 2, 3D Character Animation with Maya: Using Autodesk Maya, you’ll learn how to bring characters to life, using lighting, settings, and camera angles. We’ll teach you a workflow that will take pre-rigged models and animate them in an original short sequence that tells a story.
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